How to make millions with your ideas

Marketing guru Dan Kennedy has filled this book with most of the business and marketing expertise people are spending thousands of dollars at his seminars to hear. Which makes this volume the best business value ever! This book is soooooo good and filled with valuable ideas that you have to take a breather every few pages just to digest it all–the ideas come at you so fast. If you don’t think you can still make good money in your own business, starting with little or no capital, Kennedy will change your mind right away. Highly recommended.

Dan Kennedy is a “marketing guru” who shares strategies and techniques that I find practical and enormously helpful. His specialty is information marketing, including creating infomercials for Guthy-Renker. He has more clients than he can serve, and enjoys teaching entrepreneurs how to improve the results of their businesses.

In this book, Kennedy makes it clear that having a good idea is not sufficient for success for most entrepreneurs. Ideas can be bought, licensed or “borrowed.” The ability to market the idea and to create a business around it are more important to business success.

Based on practical experiences he acquired building his own businesses, Kennedy gives the eight best ways to (still) make a fortune from scratch in America, gives 45 millionaire-maker strategies, and opens his million-dollar rolodex of references for marketing, product sources, mail order and direct marketing, information products, business management and additional assistance.

Here is an example of one of Kennedy’s strategies: “Remember that what you take for granted, because it is common knowledge to you, is a revelation, a secret of immense value to someone who does not know or understand it. Do not undervalue what you know.”

Kennedy also gives practical advice on when and how to sell the business, including how to receive many times the “formula value” for the sales price.

Kennedy’s $3,495 per-person Millionaire-Maker Direct Marketing Super Conferences principally focus on the strategies and information in this book, available in paperback for $12.95. The book is an exceptional value.

Every entrepreneur would benefit from devouring and applying the information in this book! If you have a business and don’t have a copy, buy one.


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