The Entrepreneur Review

No matter who you are or what you do, small business owners and entrepreneurs are the same in our book. Some may grow their ventures from small businesses to large ones. Some may seek venture or angel funding while others bootstrap or rely on the funds of family and friends. Some may stay small lean and mean or “mom and pop” operations forever. All are part of the risk taking, innovative bunch who really keep the economy pumping day to day. Sometimes we like to step back. To really have a look at the entrepreneur in his/her environment.



Multitasking a myth? Though it may be one of the holy grails of modern professionalism a recent study suggests trying to do two things or even more at once is just plain crazy. Can you get more than one thing done in a day? Sure, but you may have to take them one at a time. A note to you entrepreneurs out there who love to try and multitask. You’ll get more done if you approach projects one by one. Smart About Things


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