How to make Twitter work for your business

There is more than meets the eye when using Twitter as a marketing tool to promote your business. There is a thin line between annoying and effective so check out these tips to keep you on the right track…

When you hear that Twitter is something only about 8% of people use in their everyday life, it’s enough to make you wonder if it’s worth using at all. If you’re not getting a return for the time and energy you invest in your marketing, then you might want to look elsewhere.

But the truth is that most people just don’t know how to make Twitter work for them. So while it looks like Twitter isn’t a strong business tool, the truth is that it’s simply a tool people aren’t using well. With these four tips, you will make Twitter work for your business, even if you’re only talking to a select market of people.

Make It Personal

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when they’re on Twitter is to not have their picture on their profile. It seems so simple, but studies have shown that people who have their picture on their Twitter account seem to be more personable and thus they get more followers.

You also want to make the most of the profile description piece that everyone sees when they go to your Twitter account. Make sure to use keywords, of course, but you should also include some sort of description that will allow you to showcase your personality. People want to know YOU, not just what you’re selling.

Make It Useful


How do you expect people to follow you if you do not post relevant and helpful Tweets?


As you begin to make the most of the 140 characters of each Twitter post, you want to ensure your followers are getting something each time they read your tweets. You will want to post things like:

  • Valuable resources – If you find something online that someone else might need, then post it on your Twitter account. Even if this link directs the reader to another site that’s not yours, you will increase your trustworthiness and your appeal. Being helpful sells.
  • Links to your work or site – Yes, from time to time, posting links to your own site when new things come up is a good idea. Just don’t do this every single hour as that is the best way to get yourself unfollowed.
  • Announcements – If there’s something coming up that you want to announce, Twitter is the place to do it. Ask others to retweet it to really see the information get where it needs to go.

Make It Memorable

You don’t want to be just another Twitter account. You need to be a Twitter account people can’t wait to see updated. To make things more memorable, you need to find a way to interact with the audience you want to sell to. For example, when you read some marketing guru Twitter accounts, you will notice they are directly interacting with their readers, trying to get them to respond. Others try to respond to other Twitter accounts and start conversations. No matter what you do, try to find a way to be memorable online.

Make It Unique

Uniqueness can be tricky with millions of Twitter accounts. After all, there are only so many ways that you can interact through Twitter. What makes you unique is using your Twitter for your Twitter followers and for no one else. While you might be tempting to link your Twitter account to your Facebook account and to other social media networks, if a person is following you on all of the accounts, they’re going to get duplicate information. And that’s not interesting or helpful.

Twitter can work to increase the visibility of your business by allowing you to spread your ideas around the globe. Now, use it properly.


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