The action problem

There is a specific element of Entrepreneurial Success that most business owners never truly grasp and as a result, never come close to creating the financial results that they desire.

It relates to their ability to take Action. Every Entrepreneur I’ve met, with a net worth of more than one million pounds has an ability to take consistent, large scale action at a level that leaves most of the people around them exhausted.

The extent to which you are able to cultivate this focus on action, is going to be directly related to your income and profits as your business grows.

There are three key principles here:

1 Getting access to the knowledge and information that you need to become a highly successful Entrepreneur is no longer an issue. Whether you choose to get that knowledge from me or someone else, the strategies for creating rapid Entrepreneurial success are clear. The issue is whether people take action on that knowledge. One of the biggest barriers I see to success is people hesitating and procrastinating. Defeating that hesitation and taking massive (but always low risk action) is both liberating and financially rewarding. 

2 This is the key one: We’ve been conditioned to take action ‘sequentially’ meaning one step after another. For example, this month I’ll write a new sales letter, next month I’ll hire an assistant, the month after that I’ll sort out my website” etc. ‘Sequential’ action is considerably better than nothing but the ultra successful are obsessed with ‘simultaneous’ action. Simultaneous action means that you start taking action in all the key areas as soon as you decide it’s an action worth taking. So you start doing things in several areas at the same time. You ignore all the excuses for not taking such action, get the ball rolling and then deal with the results. Be warned – those results may include an element of chaos. But it’s out of that type of chaos that most Entrepreneurial greatness emerges. You won’t find that strategy in the business books but when you talk to successful Entrepreneurs it’s how they do it, almost without exception. 

3 Once you develop the Action habit, the next step is being very focused on which Actions are worth focusing on. Most of the drudge that fills up peoples’ week is a highly ineffective use of their time. People use the ‘too busy’ excuse to avoid taking important actions (such as implementing new Marketing and Internet Marketing strategies.) But the problem often is not that they’re busy. It’s that they are busy doing ineffective things. Realise that there are a handful of actions you take or could be taking every week, that are probably ten times more effective and profitable than everything else you do.

Focus on doing more of these and doing whatever it takes to ‘delete’ the ineffective uses of your time and you’ll see a direct impact on your profits.


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