Google PPC – revisited

So here are my 7 guiding principles for making sure you are using effective PPC ads in your business. I’ll be coming back to each of these in detail in the weeks and months ahead:

  • Make your ads relevant to the topics people are searching for. Include your main keyword in your headline and then follow up with a benefit and an offer in the second and third lines of your ad. Using your company name as the headline and then saying “we give great service” is not a good idea.
  • Users clicking on your ad should NOT be surprised by what they find when they get to your site. Not only is it bad manners, but it’s really bad for your business. Make the page you send them to immediately relevant: don’t send them to your home page and expect them to hunt around for the onward links to what you’ve already promised them. They won’t. They’ll leave your site with a click of disgust and the money you paid to Google for the click is wasted.
  • Instead of trying to sell them something the instant they hit the page you’ve directed them to, begin a relationship with your customers by giving: offer them some free but valuable information in return for their email addresses and names. This could be a free report, article, video or a sample of your product or service. You can then email them at and make the sale happen at a more leisurely pace.
  • Use specific keywords accurately describing your products and services. Remember, you’re PAYING for clicks and the more “niched” your keywords are, the more targeted your traffic will be and the cheaper the clicks will be.
  • Use the power of “negative keywords”. If you’re using the keyword “builder” in your ads, then you don’t want to be picked up by searches for “Bob the Builder”. You can set your ads up to exclude these spurious hits on your keywords.
  • Test. Google’s free tools allow you to test and measure your advertising like never before: within just 10 minutes your ad can be in front of 100 million people and you can have real test-data not long after that.
  • Remember to write separate ads for each of your keywords. This will make your ads more relevant and give you a higher click through rate. Nothing I tell you will ever be theory. My own business is worth over £20 million but getting there was not always easy. All my strategies were developed in ‘the trenches’ If I can save you from some of the hurdles I had to jump over, I will have done a good job.


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